“White Glove” Reason to Blog

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I have been here about a month!!!  WordPress hasn’t kicked me off yet , and that I am grateful for. I love WordPress!! To be kicked off a free service would have been pretty embarrassing.  And could happen..How exciting!   ?? Nah, not really..

I can say  now, that I am very glad to be able to write, to blog, to create art to breathe. Glad, isn’t the word either.

 BUT I am glad. To be here on planet earth.. Most of the time. Mixing with others, and playing in the sandbox. As well as I can. That’s not always the case.
I’ve been asked “why Blog… And why do it now? Or”what is your intent?” There’s a LOT of different answers to that seemingly simple question. I wonder myself as well.

There are, a plethora of reasons. They’re missing from my ABOUT page and the posts about ART, my RANTS, WRITING, and SOCIAL MEDIA detritus .. There is an origin of course for every design. But I digress. I want to share one reason I started blogging, (maybe we can have a top 10 list) from this year at least.

If I start quoting Walt Whitman (whom I do admire) I may not be able to write this as spontaneously as I want to.
 So I’ll hold off. Barely…;-)
Picture courtesy of a “Like”Page  in FB

I “like” not being on fire.

In January of this year, I was in a fire. It was in my car, and it was a pretty bad “accident”. It was, actually a huge mess. Thank God no one besides me, was injured. And the interior of the car is-well melted. New Car seats do not make everything shiny and bright. But my radio/cd player STILL WORK. AMAZING!! YEAH! I love music…

The little things in life, do Make it..

I was” Lucky” as they say, to have made it out alive. Explosion-white pain-and I hazily recollect someone saying” hey  someone’s in the car-get her out” then a black void for what seemed a long time.  That’s amazing in itself; that they saw me, acted on it, and a mystery still who that person is.

I was burned some: on my face, on my legs and hands. My lungs were extremely damaged from the smoke inhalation.The hospital tried many methods to bring me up and out, to get me conscious, and to get my breathing going. Apparently I didn’t cooperate very well. I do recollect pulling the breathing tube out “numerous times” because oddly it feels like your being choked. Drugs were (of course) the only thing they could do to: 1) sedate me to get me conscious, and for the pain. Burns are a bitch.  All of that was of course scary, to put it mildly.  But the scariest part was initially waking up with my hands bandaged (I couldn’t move them) and I couldn’t see (gauze over my eyes).
That was probably the scariest moment of my life. And there have been a few to choose from.

It went through my mind to ” PLEASE LET ME DIE” if I can’t see or use my hands. I know it  seems like a selfish thought, but that’s what went through my mind. As an artist I’d always needed my hands-or thought I did. I love touching, smearing, mixing, marking, coloring, and all that MESS.  And of course eyes, to see just what that mess was.

So I’m not going to wax prolific about the rest today. I just want to say that today I blog, because I CAN. I think everyone who’s ever wanted to SHOULD. If they CAN.  One thing I’m holding back on that I want to address, is hitting the canvas. Putting the brush back to work. I’ve done a lot of digital media work since I’ve blogged and that’s been a great outlet as well..
But, not really the same…

The title of the first post/page  is kind of funny (in that quiet way inside) “white glove review”. For the most part, I’ve healed physically. On the outside, that is. I WAS VERY LUCKY. The only part that’s still healing, physically is a few scars, and the outside of my hands. Since I’ve stopped wearing bandages, I started wearing gloves. Have worn them most of the year. It’s interesting to wear white gloves, hat and of course, my mandatory shades. I welcome you to try it and see what kind of reaction you get.  Hey MJ—is one of many, many, many remarks and favorites. I wasn’t trying for cool mind you-just invisibility.  Yet you never know —

I’d like to start a fad of wearing white gloves again….With hat and shades..It’s gotta be done right!

SO fellow travelers, and watchers, and readers, I feel for the first time in a long time, that I’m really glad to be here. And I’ve even taken a picture of myself(though I do hate the personal pics crap)

 for the first time in a long time, a couple of weeks ago. I heal pretty darn well.

I still wear white gloves, but I’m wearing those less and less.  Reasons to blog are many.. I will go on.I hope to, with you as well.

And me in my Hat.Sans Shades and Gloves.

Me and my sock



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