Hope   A brief description?

Let’s see if I can try to fit the right characters in this small, yet contained page

that will aptly yet succinctly describe me.. NAAHHH…Not today….

Why Am I Here:

Self Expression in Vibrant Color is what I aim for.

As a late in the day, self-proclaimed artist, I want to take some risks again.

I have before. Many times. Yet jumping out of a plane from

10, 000 ft was not as scary as getting really intimate..

Revealing yourself through Art.  I hope to become bold in the process.

I have a lot of passions. I believe it imperative, to have some passion (s)!

Whether it’s what you do, support, love, or enjoy. Apathy, and resignation, does kill. I’ve seen it kill Hope, Dreams, and Lives, too many times.

About causes, I feel righteous, about personal slights I’m indignant, about tragedy, injustice, and pain I get enraged. Not violent! Just really pissed off.

One important thing I’ve learned along the way, is that time plus tragedy equals=comedy.. What I am in need of now, is a lot of laughter, humor, and satire, found in every aspect of life and just living on this planet. For you to!

So let’s do that.


UCLife: Current Studies include:

Art therapy,Painting, Graphic Design, Zoology, Law and Justice, Anthropology-Physical and Cultural, Psychology-Abnormal and Child Development. Sociology. Criminology, Memes,Computer Science, Sociology, Critical Thinking, and sometimes English.