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The Beeker does it almost every time and The bootstrap broke..

It’s been a funny week.

I know it’s  Wednesday, Thursday now..

Thank you muppets!

I love Jim Hensen

I love beeker.. And Animal-He was completely dominated by emotion, music, utter lack of control.. He let it all out!

More of that stuff later. If you want to read more it might be linked to a page.  Now we need , fellow travellers… ART and SONG..

There are many outlets at our disposal. Some really healthy, some not so healthy. I was so lucky to find Art. Mind you it was always there, but hiding. All kinds of creative expression-writing, painting, poetry, ceramic, design, coding, cooking..

There is one outlet that absolutely can change my mood-up-down-all around-and it does a good job of it.. I heard this filtered in a car window, and chanted it until I got to my computer…yes-kinda goofy..

Please listen–It’s magic..Plus the link works! WOW! (not world of warcraft-sorry) This song:

Men Without Hats – Live Hats – 14.Safety Dancing

I swear to God..And yeah I mean that.-it changed everything for that small sample of time.

Coming up–Art, Books, Harriet the Spy, and…

Some more real FAQ on my rantings about public and private.. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my Paranoid ramblings…. Also next: New clans, old clans, Everyone’s an activist and more..I hope…;-)